Thursday, August 4, 2011

EVR: Four months

July 31, 2011

Four months old and have you ever seen a cuter face?  Lizzy is smiling like crazy.  She even giggles here and there, and flails her arms about as her excitement bubbles over.  She is such a happy baby, despite the two teeth that have already sprouted along her lower gums.  Poor girl!  The doctor says she's a four-month-old in a six-month-old's body.  She can do it all, except sit up on her own.  Her stats show just how above average this little girl really is.  

Height:  26 inches (96%)
Weight:  16lb 8oz (95%)

  • Lizzy and Sissy nicknames seem to be sticking around.  
  • Also affectionately called Love Bug.
  • Two teeth.  Two teeth!  I'm thinking the same thing you are.  
  • First rice cereal, per doctor's request, at 4 months and 2 days.
  • Loves to swim in the pool.
  • Loves to lie in the bathtub.  Especially with her brother.  She outgrew the Puj tub, so now she lies on the Puj in the regular bathtub.  
  • Still sleeps with her left arm out of her swaddling blanket, and manages to pull out her other arm and kick her legs free.  Houdini?  
  • So, so close to rolling over.
  • Manages to kick around her crib and end up in different positions and locations.
  • Grabs and holds on to her toes.
  • Intently focuses on her hands.
  • Blonde hair coming in.
  • A few really long strands, too.
  • Oh, those blue eyes.  
  • Chub.  Big time chub.
  • Requests to be held for as many hours a day as possible.  
  • Coos and chatters all the time.  I love it.  
  • Still loves a song.
  • Everything goes in her mouth.  And Papa is a favorite because he'll always let her chew on his finger.
  • Stands up as much as possible.
  • Loves to snuggle in bed with me in the morning (a big difference from her older brother).
  • Prefers to hold a blanket up to her face when she sleeps (just like her brother).

Oh Elizabeth, I love you so.  I love you more and more all the time.  You fit in so perfectly into our family.  It's like you were here all along.  

Love you, baby girl.  


Ashley said...

Two teeth already!?! So advanced! Uh oh. Does this mean you'll have a teenager on your hands in eight or nine years :) She's yummy.

Lizbeth said...

oh my..could she be any more presh?! I am seriously in love with this little girl. Awww :)

Wisconsin Waterfall Family said...

She's a cutie! We loved seeing all of you last week.
Tyler and the Wisconsin Waterfalls