Monday, August 8, 2011

W update

{Dr. Rees}
{Affectionately called Blue Bike; how creative.}
{Who teaches this kid this stuff?}
{Dress up}
{We traced W on paper one afternoon; I felt like I was back at the Little Red School House.} 

I haven't forgotten about this little boy of mine.  He's 2 years and 4 months-ish.  He starts a Kids Day Out program in the Fall.  He's growing up, this boy of mine.  
  • Talk, talk, talk!  New words come out of nowhere everyday.  It's amazing what he picks up on now.  
  • "Bye, bye Mommy!  See you!"
  • Potty training.  Not so much on the fun side.  And there's a lot of nakedness around here.
  • "Blue bike" was his reward for filling up his potty chart.  The balance bike is pretty awesome, and he's rather gifted at it, too.  He zips around the house all day.
  • Eating like a horse, which is a miracle
  • Doesn't stop moving for about 12 hours every day
  • "Ohhh, cuuuute baby."  He says this about everything smaller than him.  
  • Has become rather polite, saying, "Yes, please," "Thanks!" and "Peas (please)."  
  • "!"
  • Loves Buzz and Woody (Toy Story) and Vrooom (Cars) movies.  
  • Despite his spirited nature, he can sit and focus on a book.  What a relief.  
  • It's taken 2 1/4 years, but he actually gets sad when I leave him now.  Leaving him at nursery at church, with a babysitter or at the gym means automatic meltdown.  I'm talking, sobbing/screaming meltdown.  
  • Calls Lizzy, "Sissy" or "blue eyes."  
  • Likes to get her "pass" (pacifier) and let's me know when she cries. 
  • He's also teaching her how to roll over.  Anytime I roll Lizzy over, W insists on showing her how to do it, too.
  • When I burp Lizzy, W will often pat himself on the back and pretend to burp himself, sound effects and all.  
  • Does the fist pump to the Scripture Power primary song.  
  • Teaches us how to pray:  "Eyes (pointing) cwoze."  Folds his arms.  Then bows his head very dramatically.
  • Says his own prayers at night by repeating what we say.  
  • Any time D says he's going to mow the lawn, W asks if he can blow.  Meaning, he'd like to use the blower.  Yes, W knows how to use the blower.  And he knows you use the blower after mowing the lawn.  Future landscaper?  
  • Can count one to ten (mostly) and really improving on the ABC's.  
  • LOVES to have friends around.
  • Knows that he can avoid naptime a little longer if he says he has to go potty. 
  • Pretends to play the drums, guitar, violin and piano.  He assigns parts to us in the car.  We each "play" an instrument for the song.  He can even listen to something and pick out which instrument it is.  I'm kind of bragging.  
  • Swims with a lifejacket with no problem.  Still jumps off the side and diving board with no fear.  And would prefer to swim without any assistance at all times.  
  • Asks why relentlessly.  The only way to stop a series of whys is to ask him, "Why not?"  Then he  says, "because, ummmm,"and then stops.  
  • Says "ewww" a lot
  • If he falls, runs into something or somehow injures himself, he always says, "Ouchie, Mommy, my knee," even if his knee has nothing to do with his injury.  Somehow, though, that knee is always hurt.  
  • Three words:  shoot, ball, hoop.  Say that quickly three times.
  • If he misses the basket while playing "shoot ball hoop," he always exclaims, "Close!" regardless of how close or not you came to making a basket.
  • Perhaps we watch too many Cardinals games, but W perfectly performs the correct stance and swing of a baseball bat.  
Winston is the best.  He is such a busy boy.  Such a smart boy.  Such a funny boy.  He is growing like a weed and having a great ol' time doing it.  Each night when he finally goes to bed, I feel exhausted, but also so, so proud of him and so thankful to have him in my life.  He's teaching me a lot.  Particularly in the patience category.  But he is sweet.  He has a zest for life most would envy and his curiosity is unquenchable.  As the doctor put it the other day, with that amount of energy, you hope he will always put it to good use.  What amazing things he'll be able to do.  

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Libby said...

So I was just catching up on your last few posts, when Levi toddled in. He said, "he mom, dat boys my friend. we have bikes". It's true, they do have the same bike. I guess that means they get to be pals.

I concur with your motherhood post from a few days ago. I sometimes just feel like a mom-zombie (when it's a particularly bad day) or maybe just a mom-robot (when it's a typical type of day). Inside I know I shouldn't wish these days away...but it's tempting sometimes. Often I find myself thinking "put your shoulder to the wheel". It helps.