Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Name and a Blessing

While out in Utah, we took advantage of having(almost) all of my siblings together to formally bless Elizabeth.  She was given a name and a blessing by Dave.  My dad, brothers Eric and Tyler, brother-in-law Ben, and Bishop Perry helped with the blessing, as well.  

Though this blessing is not considered a saving ordinance, it meant a lot to me to have family there to be a part of this experience for E.  She wore the same blessing gown that my sisters and I wore when we were infants.  She was officially named -- Elizabeth Venice -- and given a sweet blessing.  

As I think about the names Lizzy bears, I am reminded of the many, many people -- here on the earth, as well as beyond the veil -- who love her and will do anything to help her be happy and succeed in this life.  Lizzy comes from a long line of Elizabeths; good, strong, stalwart, even funny women who had faith in God, worked hard, and led purposeful lives.  Lizzy also bears the name of Venice, named after my dad's mother.  She is a woman of virtue, sincerity and discipline.  She is educated, cultured and thoughtful.  Not to mention, she can always find a deal and has lovely long toes.  Lizzy inherited her toes; I hope she inherits the other qualities, as well.   

We love you, Lizzy.  


Unknown said...

Katie, you have such a gift in writing. Thanks for sharing your words and pictures. Am happy for you and Dave and your lovely growing family. --love, Dad

Libby said...

What a special day for your family. Little Elizabeth is so precious. Love that she wore such a special dress.

I love that you call her Lizzy-so sweet. However, it makes me convinced that you must buy her the Jessica Hische version of Pride and Prejudice (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/pride-and-prejudice-jane-austen/1002057084?ean=9781435127449&itm=1&usri=pride%2band%2bprejudice) for her bookshelf. Sooo gorgeous. Buy it and report back to me once you do so that I can rest easily at night.

Sharstin said...

such a special day, and what an adorable fam you have! she is such a beauty and i love her precious dress~

Nancy said...

This was a special day for me. . . .thanks for being a big part of it!