Sunday, October 2, 2011

L + C Wedding

I had really high hopes of pulling together a decent post to document my little sister's wedding.  A few weeks after the wedding came and went.  No post.  And now it's been about six weeks and...still no post.  My older sister is a much more responsible blogger than I -- her pictures are much better, too.  See her posts here and here.
That August wedding day was perfect.  Beautiful bride.  Dashing groom.  Lovely weather.  Wonderfully sweet and spiritual ceremony.  Such a fun party/reception; not to mention, the reception look incredible.  Incredible!
So here's my picture documentation of the day (totally untouched, because that would take another six weeks to pull together).  I'm learning that corralling two children and trying to take pictures are two totally separate jobs (read:  nearly impossible).

 {the new Mr. and Mrs.}




 {the cutest two-year-old boy there}
 {country, vintage decor everywhere}
 {"Mad Lib"-like advice card for guests instead of sign-in book}


 {first dance}


Sharstin said...

seriously dying over it all....her picts, dress, and reception to die for!!...

Nancy said...

Love the photos. Love you!

Megan and Ben said...

Good shots Katie! Made me really miss all our family. Can you and I have our weddings all over again with cool receptions like this with a requirement that all our family come together...really, that would be great.
(We don't have to make any cake pops either and we will look like our model sister Liz!)