Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thies Farm 2011

We went back to Thies Farm Pumpkinland this year.  W was more up-to-size this time.  He thoroughly enjoyed the tractors,  hay bale obstacle course, and the zip line (although a bit nervous at first).   Last year he had a meltdown about 20 minutes into it.  But this year he was a champ...until he was barreled over by a girl coming down the slide.  Total wipeout.  Lots of tears.  Both survived.
We also picked out some pumpkins while we were there.  We came home with several wacky looking gourds, a 26 pound pumpkin, and a "baby punk" for W that he had been requesting for days.
Here's to Fall!

 {waaay to bright for pictures}

 {thumbs up}


nate said...

Cute Kate. Isn't fall the best? W and L look adorable. Lizzy is growing up. You look so chic at the pumpkin patch! Miss you. -melissa

Sharstin said...

now that is a pumpkin patch--looks like fun. How cute is your fam? serious.

~Mandy~ said...

Isn't it interesting what a single year can do in the life of a toddler! Love the picture on the big tire!

Lizbeth said...

This place looks so fun and so very cute. Next year, i wanna take him there.