Wednesday, March 21, 2012

W Birthday Party -- Utah

The day we arrived in Utah was my little sister Liz's birthday.  (Happy birthday Liz-agna!)  We decided to celebrate her and Winston's birthdays right off the bat.  We headed to Famous Dave's for some barbecue, then headed home for presents, cake and ice cream.  W was delighted to start his birthday festivities.  Unwrapping gifts was great, but it was the anticipation of blowing out candles that made him giddy.  He could hardly control himself.    

My sweet grandma came along for the birthday festivities.  She's a hoot!  My niece Maria was a little put off by Winston getting all of the presents, but my grandma kept slipping her candy again and again.  Thank goodness for easily distracted three-year-olds.  

Thanks, Liz, for sharing your birthday party with the W.  You made his year.  

For Winston's actual birthday, we only had a few hours in the morning before we had to catch our flight back to St. Louis.  My dad had been up early that morning and headed to the store to pick up some donuts special for Winston's birthday breakfast.  When offered to choose from the variety of donuts my dad had chosen, W opted for the near neon blue iced donut.  Of course!  He was in heaven!  We sang to him and he gladly blew out candles again.  He was happy as can be.

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Megan and Ben said...

What a the bday cheeser. I am still very sorry for my messup trying to film it.
Funny that you noticed Maria's drama and dying needed to open a gift. I wouldn't let her eat the treats that our grandmas kept offering pouring lemon juice on her no-present-for-you wound.
I loved seeing W so thrilled about his pjs. So cute.