Sunday, March 25, 2012

W Birthday with Friends

After celebrating his birthday morning in Utah, we head back to St. Louis for more birthday celebrations.  I'm pretty sure a $20 Craigslist-find-of-a-bike and a new Spiderman fishing pole are probably the best welcome home birthday presents ever.  

Not to mention the pit stop Daddy made on the way home from his fishing trip to pick up some famous pie (never heard of it myself, but he's convinced it's famous) to stick some candles in for W to blow out...again.  And yes, the pie was actually good.  

Later that week, after the bazillion loads of laundry were done, W had a little birthday party with some friends.  Half of the kids were home sick with the flu (that plagued half of the metro-St. Louis area).  The other half brought their older siblings who were on their first day of spring break.  Clearly, I don't have school-aged children, which is why I was clueless as to when spring break actually began.

I digress.
For the months previous, anytime I asked W what kind of birthday party he wanted, his response was a "blue" party.  Hmm, ok.  So I turned it into a sort of St. Louis Blues hockey party.  The kids played the hockey rendition of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, appropriately named Pin the Puck on the Goalie.
They also colored some hockey-esque pictures, ate hockey game type food (hot dogs wrapped in foil, pretzels, "blue"berries and blue juice boxes"), and played hockey in the basement.  

In true toddler fashion, W had the obligatory birthday-boy meltdown (You know the one where the kid whose birthday it is completely falls apart?), but alas, he pulled it together in time to open presents, take pictures, and dump bubbles all over the floor.  Success!
Kids were sent home with bouncy balls, bubbles and Oreos (meant to resemble hockey pucks...a stretch?)  W was thrilled to have his "fwends" over to celebrate his special day.  


Lizbeth said...

So cute. I love the parties you host

Megan and Ben said...

W is one cool dude.
Oh, and I love Lizzy's cheeser in the second to last picture.
I need to see your kids SOON!