Thursday, March 22, 2012

W's First Time Skiing

 {photo by Eric}

Being in Utah during the month of March, how could we not take advantage of some skiing?  Especially when it was 60+ degrees outside, sunny, blue sky...and pretty much perfect!  I figured there was no better time to teach W to ski than in these kinds of conditions, so we headed up for a Friday and Saturday of skiing.  Winston skied with his cousin "Nonnie" (Maria) and he had a ball.  With help from our small army of my mom, my sisters, brothers-in-law and brother, W learned how to ski quite well.  I was pleasantly surprised.  He had no qualms about the lift, especially because it meant Megan would offer some sweets on the way up.  After a couple of runs, he mastered the "pizza" quite well.  And every time we reached the bottom of the hill, W would shout, "I won the game!"  He was so proud, as was I.  

{photo by Meg}
{photo by Meg}
He's kind of obsessive about helmets, and he instantly wanted to ski if it meant he got to wear one.  

After Winston and Maria were worn out from skiing the first day, I took the two of them up on the gondola.  It was just a round-trip, but they loved playing around and looking at everything from up so high.  They were hysterical, too.  We snacked on Starbursts and crackers.  They joked about seeing kitty cats and dinosaurs on the slopes.  They were a hoot.

When the little ones weren't skiing with us, I got to ski with my best ski partner (my mom!) and the rest of my family.  It was so, so much fun.  Oh, how I have missed it!  I haven't skied in a few years because of being pregnant and/or not being in Utah during the winter months.  But just like riding a bike, it came right back to me.  The beautiful days we skied left my face a little sunburned and my legs a little achy, but I couldn't have asked for better conditions or company.  


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Megan and Ben said...

That was all so much fun, and you were a smokin' hot ski momma. Seriously, you looked so cute and were so happy. I loved to see it.
Oh, and W did great!