Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift Idea #6

I am less than crafty, so creative/cutesy gifts are not my thing.  Not at all.  So when it comes to Christmas gifts for the masses, i.e. neighbors, visiting and home teach-ees, co-workers, etc., I stick with simple stuff.  Like, REALLY simple stuff.

I found some great boxes at The Container Store.  For about a buck twenty-nine, a spread of sweets goes from good to pretty darn cute.  So, fold up your box...

...add your treats.  {I went with Ina's coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate, Pioneer Woman's molasses cookies (plus chocolate chips -- thanks Kristin), and white chocolate chip cookies (which normally have dried cranberries in them, which look cute, but D refuses to eat.)}
...then tape your box shut and tie a little bow.  Perfect!


Megan and Ben said...

Cute...and creative!!! Katie, you are creative and crafty, what are you talking about?! The box is a great call and definately nicer than the paper plate that I entertain!
CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christie said...

Okay, totally doing this one, too. I think I'm just going to log on here instead of Amazon from now on. You have MUCH better ideas.

Karen said...

When shall I expect my box of goodies delivered??