Saturday, December 12, 2009

I like this

"Sewing immerses me in the pleasure of making something, and reminds me that not everything is made up of pixels."  
-- Meribah Knight, O Magazine

I am learning more about this pleasure of making something; something imagined, designed, constructed by me.  I find it very satisfying, sometimes frustrating, as I figure things out.  But very satisfying.

I started another sewing project a couple of nights ago.  Once I started, I could hardly put it down; I finished it the next morning.  It is lovely.  Perfect.  And so, so cute.

It's interesting how something so simple -- some thread, fabric, scissors, machine -- linked Ms. Knight to her grandmother, her roots.  Reminds me of how important it is to capture one's history.  I find it is in the simplest things I discover new things about myself.  I suppose I should get to writing this down.

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melissa said...

now you have to share your 'so, so cute' creation!