Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gift Idea #8...sorta

Seriously people.  Forget the mall, catalog and online shopping routes.  Do not past Go.  Do not collect $200.  Go directly to your local Walgreen's pharmacy to pick up steals like this:

The Perfect Brownie Pan.  No more hassling with cutting gooey brownies.  Let the pan do all the work. Only $19.99!

If you thought the Snuggie was good, how 'bout the Snuggie for Dogs.  Guaranteed to make your dog hate you for life.

And if those weren't good enough, this will blow your socks off.  The Colossal Remote Control.  Aside from its universal power, I think the fact that it's 12 inches long with buttons you can see from the neighbor's couch will have you sold.  Plus it's on sale for $5.99.  Don't pass this up.


Beck n' Ben said...

We double dog dare you to get Lucy a Dog Snuggie. And, for the record: shouldn't that have a more clever name, like Duggie, or something (seeing as how the Snuggie is such a clever name to begin with)???

Jamie said...

I just saw the SAME dog Snuggie in Walgreens and also took a picture!! haha