Monday, May 17, 2010

Change Is Good

Today I walked the grounds of my Alma mater --  BYU.  I visited the campus briefly two or three years ago for my brother's graduation, but I hadn't really been back since I graduated five years ago.
I really had no reason for going today other than wanting to check out my old stomping grounds; who knows when I'll be back. 
Here's how it went down: 
  • We parked at the MOA (where I had previously incurred too many parking tickets), 
  • then headed to the bookstore (and immediately purchased chocolate-covered gummy bears), 
  • next walked through the Cougar Eat (and shuddered at the thought of drinking caffeine-free DC),
  • and finally, strolled around the campus en route to the Brimhall bldg (the place where I spent way too much time way back when...but didn't know a soul there today). 
It was sort of odd being back.  On one hand, I felt like I belonged.  But then I'd look around and see people -- people who I considered as peers -- only to remember I was carrying a squirming and/or limp-noodle-bodied one-year-old.  I wasn't carrying books or a backpack.  Nor was I wearing Toms, gladiator sandals, a high-waisted skirt, or a BYU Phys. Ed. shirt (all of which seem to be the rage in UT County).  Suddenly, I felt so much older.  And out of touch.  Way out of touch.

It was like I wanted to be cool, only to realize that I'm kind of a dork. 

Regardless of my uncoolness, it was cool for me to be back on the campus where I spent four formative years of my life.  And it was cool for me to be there with the newest chapter of my life. 
The campus has changed dramatically.  It is a thriving place with a very unique spirit.  The new J.F. Smith building is incredible.  And the new Hinckley building...nothing short of gorgeously amazing.  It is like a home -- in its looks and its feel. 
By the end of my visit, perhaps my coolness didn't return, but my comfortable-ness did.
On my way out, I walked passed the window of the classroom where I used to paint.  The classroom where D surprisingly showed up one weekend (after flying half-way across the country) to see me.  So much has changed since then.  We've come a long, long way.  Progress.
And although the school seems like a different place now, I realize that I am too. And that's a good thing.  All in a good way.  Change is good. 


Beck n' Ben said...

Hmmm. When you said "unique spirit" I could've sworn you were talking about BYU-I.... I guess by "unique" you mean "good, but not nearly as good as the BYU campus in Idaho."

:) Ben

steph, brent, and joaquin said...

Hahahh! I felt just as out of place when I visited in April. I also never thought I'd tote a child around campus. I loved ya back in our college years, but you're definitely even cooler now as a mom!

Rita said...

I totally feel so out of place there. It's sad but good... just as you said.