Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Running (wo)Man

One of my favorite things about running is when a song comes up on the iPod that makes me want to break out and dance whilst running.  Sometimes a song stops me dead in my tracks and, in my excitement, I have to make a quick decision as to whether I'll keep going or (very likely) humiliate myself on busy streets.  Regardless, it always makes me smile and then laugh a bit at the visual image of me dancing on the road in my spandex and neon shoes.

Speaking of running, I'm headed to UT this weekend to run a race with my momma.  A half-marathon, in fact.  Pretty impressive, right?  No, not for me, but for my mom, Ms. Fitness.  I'm proud of her.

I'm excited about this race.  Since we Waterfalls tend to run solo, I hope my playlist is excellent and keeps me jazzed along the course.  I'm looking forward to running through BEAUTIFUL Ogden canyon.  I'm looking forward to the cliche "runner's high," which really does happen.  I'm hoping I don't run behind this guy (that half-naked one you see):

When I ran in Chicago, for some reason I always noticed this guy around.  His shirtlessness was a little awkward perhaps, but that wasn't the problem.  I was running.  Which means I was sweating.  Which means I was wet.  But I kept sensing water or something similar hitting me (arms, legs, face!).  It wasn't raining.  I wasn't passing through puddles.  No, no.  It was the shirtless man!  His sweat!  Pelting me!  For miles!  It seemed as soon as I got away from him, there he was again.  I hope I don't experience a repeat situation.


Lizbeth said...

hahaha I pray that does not happen to you either!

melissa said...

that is disgusting, katie. i actually almost just dry heaved reading it. i sort of hate even my own sweat, let alone some random man's. you will love the ogden half. it was beautiful. good luck! let's do something while you're here!! call me when you have some time..we'll be around!!

Beckie Steele said...

I will tell Steve to wear a shirt this weekend. Just in case you end up running by him! Good luck and have fun!

Tyler. Jennifer. Kate. Avery. said...

yeah! i will be there in said spandex and neon shoes as well! I will look for you and mama nancy! good luck and, as always with running, try to have fun :)

The Steel's said...

so I guess I warned you that I looked at your blog so I can comment now. I am laughing so hard at the shirtless man! I hope you didn't have the same experience - hopefully my sweat wasn't pelting you! Good job at the race, you did awesome!