Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For my mom

Only four more days until this guy (sans dog) is walking all over your house. Can't wait!


Lizbeth said...

i absolutely cannot wait!!

Megan and Ben said...

Oh look at him go. I can't let Maria see his chair...she will want one for sure! He is getting so big. I love his buddy Lucy (I almost called her Lucifer, but that sounded so wrong...best buddy..ahhahahaha). Your post below was great too. Binkie tossing...classic, almost like they are suddenly all grown up and don't need the thing, until they do! Oh, and it made me miss W's sweet giggle so much. And the BoM video made me get all worked up and it was what I needed. Yep, having a blog catch up hour...you have been a bloggin' fool! Love you Katie. Thanks for sharing. Moowa! (That is supposed to be a kiss sound.)