Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ogden Half

The main purpose of my trip to Utah earlier this month was to run the Ogden half marathon.  Both of my sisters have completed this race along with my mom.  It was now my turn.

Race day weather could not have been more perfect.  And the scenery is unmatched; amazing!  We ran along Pineview Reservoir (we call it a 'dam') and down Ogden Canyon.  That canyon is amazing.  It is narrow and full of twists and turns.  The road hugs the river all the way through and you can hear the power of the water bounce off the sides rocky canyon walls.  The waterfall at the mouth of canyon is the last hurrah as you enter the valley.  It's incredible; and it made me miss home very much.

I ran in to lots of friends at the beginning of the race and along the way (thanks for letting me tag along Kenj and Ash).  It was fun to see familiar faces.

And let's not forget Nancy.  My mom is a rockstar.  She beat her goal by four minutes.  This is her 4th half marathon.  And she wears a message she believes in.  Go mom!  I am so proud of you!

In the end, I finished 16 minutes faster than my first race and was pleased with my overall time.  Maybe next time, assuming I don't have to make THREE bathroom stops, I'll beat the two-hour mark.


Lizbeth said...

You did awesome, Kate! So happy you came out :)

Jen said...

You're amazing! Way to go! And why don't you plan a trip to come back in August and run the Provo River Half with me? It's lovely!

nancyk said...

Thanks for the reminder of our run in the canyon. . .it was an amazing day and especially nice doing it with you!
Love you!