Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful: MaMom and Poppy

I am so, so thankful for good parents/grandparents.  My mom and dad came in town to visit last week (thus, lack of posts).  We had so much fun.  A trip to the zoo, Ted Drewes, Deweys, ferry ride, park.  It was great.  But these parents of mine didn't just come to shoot the breeze; they came to work!  I'm talking, putting in 13 new windows, bagging leaves for days, etc.  They are DIY rockstars.  Both of my parents are workers.  They like a task.  They like the feeling of completion.  They are hard workers to the core.  

I am so thankful they taught me how to work -- how to plan, try new things, feel confidence in my abilities, and do, do, do.  I am nowhere near their level of skill and commitment to get a job done; maybe someday.    

I am so thankful they got to spend time with W.  He loved being greeted by Poppy every morning, being swaddled up and snuggling up with them in bed.  He loved playing in the leaves, going on walks and bike rides with them, and singing together.  I loved the sound of him giggling each morning and whenever my dad would tickle him.  I am so thankful he knows how much his grandparents (both my parents and Dave's) love him. 

I am thankful I could have a good talk with my mom.  Phone calls and Skype are nice, but a real, in-person talk is always better.  I'm thankful I could devour an entire bucket of popcorn with her at the movie.  And of course, I am thankful she could be here to find out we're having a baby girl, then head straight to the store with me to buy pink.

I am thankful for my dad's presence.  I just love having him around.  He is calm.  He is focused.  He is never flustered, but always has a solid sense of confidence about him.  I just feel like everything is going to be OK whenever he's around. 

I failed miserably at taking pictures this weekend.  But here's a bit of what we got to do.  
Carousel at the Zoo.

W walks around the Zoo making elephant noises everywhere we go.  

Obligatory trip for concrete.

MaMom and Poppy.


Rita said...

we are so lucky to have such cool parents! My parents are work horses too and I feel like maybe someday I will be like them. Nicely said.

Megan and Ben said...
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Megan and Ben said...

Oh how cute are they!?
I love the bottom pic of them all together. Mom and Dad are HOT!
So glad they could come visit.
I will take a number at having some project people at my house...Dad may have to take up his quilting skills! How fun for all of you!!!

Lizbeth said...

wish I could have been there! Looks like a reaaally good time :)