Friday, September 2, 2011

EVR: Five months

August 31, 2011

  • Rolls over (8.26.11)
  • Dave calls her "baby doll"
  • When he doesn't call her "Sissy," W will often refer to her as "Blue Eyes"
  • Now sleeps on her belly; like a dream!
  • Also moved upstairs to her own room
  • Went to her first Cardinal game (8.25.11)
  • Eating solid foods, sort of.  I think know more food ends up on her bib than in her belly.  
  • I think rice cereal give her a stomach ache
  • Peaches and pears seem okay, but awfully sweet
  • Loves to bathe with W
  • Chews on her bottom lip
  • Sucks her thumb

  • Doesn't really laugh, but takes big gasps of air when she gets excited
  • Trying to sit up on her own
  • Long strands of hair coming in very blonde; hair still has a tinge of red
  • Has become very interested in watching us eat
  • Bats at and grabs everything


Megan and Ben said...

Oh my gosh you precious little sweetheart! We love her. That little smile just makes any sadness vanish for those looking at her sweet face.
Happy 5 months Baby E.

Lizbeth said...

I cannot believe how absolutely gorgeous she is! Aww...she is the most precious little morsel

Nancy said...

There is a sweetness, calm and peaceful about Elizabeth that is wonderful. I enjoyed these photos and the reminder of how blessed I am to be a Mom and a MaMom.
Love you!