Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day

{ready for school with "pack pack" and lunch box}

Winston went to his first day of "school" today at St. John's ECC.  I wasn't sure what to expect with his emotions.  He wasn't sad.  He wasn't giddy with excitement either.  He was just like an old pro; he just wanted to go play.  

{walking in}

{still happy when it was time to go}

It was a little tricky getting details from him about his day except for "Tracy" (Ms. Tracy, one of his teachers) and that he played outside.  But his teachers informed me that he had quite a good day:  successfully went potty (hallelujah!), really liked playing outside (no kidding?!) and ate his lunch (which is no small miracle).

He came home happy with jam on his shirt and sand in his Pull-Up.  Wednesday may be W's dream come true.    


Lizbeth said...

Awww!! Im such a proud aunt! Cant believe he's in school

Nancy said...

The photo with his back to us really struck me. . .my little boy is growing up, learning new things and becoming his own person.
A bittersweet moment, but at long last a sweet reminder of the goodness of God in giving us the blessing to participate in the lives of children.
love you!