Sunday, September 18, 2011

Multiple Choice

It seems rather common that when a female blogger suddenly falls off the earth, her absence can mean one of three things:

1.)  She is newly "with child" and spending more time vomiting than sitting at the computer.
2.)  Blogger is on vacation and having a great ol' time documenting said vacation to share on blog.
3.)  Blogger is neither on vacation nor preparing for a new child, but rather spending time cleaning up the bowels and bellies of current children and wishing she was on vacation.

Sadly, I don't fit into #1 or #2.


I hope this blogging hiatus ends soon.

1 comment:

Wisconsin Waterfall Family said...

Oh Katie, I love your way with words. I also never dreamed I would spend so much of my time dealing with bodily fluids...You are a wonderful mom.

We sure miss your W and little E.V. I keep reminding K and R to remember Winston's good manners: "No thank you." He's having a good influence around here.