Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Series: The Power of the Cape

It's amazing how a simple cape can turn a little boy into...anything.  A little piece of fabric fastened around his neck and he's instantly equipped with super powers.


Libby said...

Love this. I guess it's high time Levi got a cape of his own.

My lil' guy also started school this week. It was kind of wonderful having a little alone time with my lil' Blair. Oh, except that I was completely stressed the whole two hours that he'd have to go poop (he hasn't mastered a thorough clean up on that one...tmi?!) or that I'd be late to pick him up.

Megan and Ben said...

This is great! He is so proud of himself...showing off his cool Super Tricks!!! Ya W!
The bottom picture looks like you Katie. ... The face and pose reminds me of the pic of you dressed up with bags and high heels in your swimsuit. That cute face.
Did you get a new table? I like it a lot!

Sharstin said...

the powers of the cape! i love it~
boys are so fun

Lizbeth said...

love the one on the chair and the last. He is so funny!

The Robinson's said...

My favorite is that he is in his undies! I can't believe that he and my little T are the same age, they seem so different. W seems so much older than T!
Cute pics!

Nancy said...

My super boy! I love this child!
Looking forward to a 'super' time in October with my Super Boy!