Wednesday, November 2, 2011

EVR: Seven Months

Lizzy girl turned seven months old on Halloween.  Her current status:
  • nearly crawling; should be any day now, but I'm not encouraging it
  • getting to sitting position on her own
  • lots of dental activity; all four teeth on top are coming through, plus another one (for total of three) on the bottom (gasp!)
  • moving, moving, moving; she can't seem to hold her legs still, but prefers to kick, kick, kick at all times
  • smiley as can be
  • inhaling with excitement (I need to get this on camera)
  • weighing way too much to carry around in her car seat anymore
  • eating more green vegetables in last four weeks than W has in his entire life
  • loving foods; eats yogurt, peas, beans, fruits, rice crackers, breads
  • pulling hair, pinching skin, grabbing on to everything
  • jumping/bouncing up and down
  • pointing toes, curling feet and showing just how flexible she is
  • saying lots of mamama/dadada/wawawa/bababa
Love you, baby girl.


Becca said...

She is so sweet. So fun to read her updates.

melissa said...

she is so waterfall girl to me. as in you, liz, and meg. love it. love her. adorable.

Lizbeth said...

seriously, she gets sweeter every day

Audra said...

ohhh!!! she is so stinkin' adorable!!! I would love to bite those cheeks!