Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

{drive up Logan Canyon, reminiscing about driving up in Gma/pa's camper}
Long, long ago...when I was a little girl, the Waterfall family drove up to Bear Lake each summer for a few days of non-stop swimming, playing, boating, eating and family togetherness in close quarters.  Now that the extended Waterfall fam has grown exponentially, my immediate family made our own Waterfall Bear Lake trip.  It was perfectly amazing fun for a whole week.
{View of Bear Lake from the canyon}
We ate here several (read:  way too many!) times and it never disappointed.  The raspberry-oreo shake was off the charts.  Those fries.  The fry sauce.  Heaven!
Over the course of the week, we rented a boat, wave runners, got kicked out of every beach around (gah!), played hippie cricket, watched the Olympics (every night!), ate outside, had a pinata, took family pictures, went to LaBeau's (a lot), stayed up too late, did Insanity in the basement with the kiddies, made crafts, made dinners, had fun.  
The kids were amazing.  The accommodations were immaculate.  The time with my family couldn't have been better.
Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun trip.  Let's do it again soon!

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