Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life at home: week 2

Life at home in Utah:  week 2

I had just put Lizzie down for a nap, then went searching for W to do the same.  I couldn't find him anyway.  I couldn't find my dad, either.  Then I looked in my room and...there they were!  Both asleep. My dad with his sandals on.  W with his daddy's socks on.  Based on W's body, I think he was coerced into staying in bed, but it obviously worked.  They both got a good nap.  
I left L alone for about two minutes in the kitchen one morning while I ran upstairs to look for a phone number.  When I came back, she was covered head to toe in Hershey's chocolate milk mix.  In one hand she held the almost empty container.  The other hand was fisted into her mouth, turned nearly black by the wet, sugary cocoa that she was sucking off.  When I came around the other side of the kitchen counter, the entire floor was covered with the chocolate powder.  This girl...busy!
Picnic and feeding the ducks at Beus Pond.  W really liked throwing the bread at the ducks.  L preferred to eat the bread herself.  My sister Liz was a champ for the two weeks we were there.  She was up for anything and everything.  It was so, so fun to have her around to love on my kids, help me keep them busy, keep me motivated to exercise, swim and just spend time with us.  We love aunt Liz!
W needed a haircut in the worst way, particularly before aunt Laura's wedding in a couple of weeks.  I bribed him to sit for a haircut by offering to get him a special treat of his choice.  Well, we were turned away by a 45 minute wait at the Great Clips.  So to kill the time, I told him we could get his special treat ahead of time. What did he want?  I figured ice cream or a piece of candy.  No, no.  He quickly responded that he wanted a soda.  That was it.  So we walked across the parking lot to the McD's.  I treated myself to a DC.  W was treat to a (watered down) root beer.  It was really a win-win for everybody.  When it was finally his turn in the barber's chair (hardly a barber), he sat so still and talked her ear off.  Sweetest boy.  


Megan and Ben said...

I love all these pictures.
W getting his hair did...with perfect hair-cutting posture. Dad and W in bed. I am surprised that W isnt in the official Dad-leg-lock-hold!
Lizzy is busy and messy. Our hot sister L's back side at the Pond.
Great job.

Lizbeth said...

hot backside? haha you are too kind....waaay too kind. Please come back my sisters. Now preferably.