Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

I recently heard the expression, "If you're not early, you're late." Well, let's just say I am very rarely early to anything, which explains my delayed Father's Day post.

I'd say we had a really nice Father's Day: church, delicious lunch at She-She's, orange "palm" cake, elderly entertainment, and hours and hours of golf. What more could you ask for?
Father's (and Mother's) Day is a little bit different when your new role is being celebrated. The Primary songs you've heard sung year after year sound a little different when you realize your little guy is going to be up there singing them in a few years. Gifts and words are perhaps a little more thoughtful to one's own parents when you've assumed the role of these persons you admire.
Dave is a great dad and I am so appreciative of him and all he does for me and Winston. Oh, and Winston says thanks for the 10:30 night cap, introducing me [Winston] to hockey, pushing me in the stroller, and even loving me when I spit up all over your sheets just before you're going to bed.
We love you Dave/Dad!

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Lizbeth said...

oh winston, you are such a gem. happy fathers day, sweet dave!