Thursday, June 4, 2009


The longer I live in St. Louis, the more I pick up on the little quirks/qualities of the local lifestyle.  Aside from the (nasty) Imo's Pizza, Cardinal baseball, the Arch and toasted ravioli, you know you're a real St. Louisan when you have your own customized needlepoint belt.
I began working on Dave's belt in January in preparation for his 30th birthday...which was in April.  I figured three months was plenty of time to pull everything together.  I was mistaken.  
It took about a month for me to figure out what to put on the thing.  Then the design has to be painted, colors chosen, stitched and then actually made into a belt.  Three weeks here, three weeks there...alas it is done!  Our good friend Debbie actually stitched the belt, and it turned out beautifully (can't thank you enough, Debbie).  So what was supposed to be Dave's birthday present, turned into a belated-birthday/early-Father's-Day present.  
Congratulations Dave.  You're officially a St. Louisan.  

***Sorry for all of the near-duplicate pictures.  Belts are hard to photograph.  

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Ashley said...

Really? I had no idea. Guess we didn't live in St Louis long enough. *Sob*

By the way, I came to your blog to get some new tunes for my roadtrip. Muchos gracias, it helped me tune out my screaming kids :)