Friday, June 12, 2009

Let me count the ways, cont'd

The more time I spend with Winston and the more I get to know him, the more I love him.  
Here's some more reasons why I love this boy:
**he loves the wind in his face, but not the sun in his eyes; walks are a favorite
**watches hockey with his dad and enjoys every minute of it
**smile, smile, smile
**always has something to say (unless the camera comes out)
**he often wakes up in the morning and, without so much as a peep, will just lie in his bed and look around.  When I go to get him, he has a big smile on his face
**prefers to stand up, particularly when it's time to burp
**like a human clock
**great road-tripper

It's easy to be a mom with a baby like this guy.  


Megan and Ben said...

That last picture is priceless. I just keep looking at it. It almost looks like he is faking it - sleep that is. Oh, he is so cute. Your posts are so good, I just might have to do one like this sometime. Katie, you are such a good Mom.

Megan and Ben said...

Oh, and the whole camera shy that genetic or just a baby thing cause that is how Maria is. I feel like I am a wildlife photographer and I have to wait for so long to get a good shot cause she stares at the camera and just want to grab it and look at it...hmmmm, very interesting.

melissa said...

Winston is one lucky little dude to have such a good mommy like yourself! Isn't it amazing the love you have for your baby? Nothing like it...The pictures of him are precious.

Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

He is absolutely adorable. I enjoyed hearing some of the many ways you are falling in love with him.

steph and brent said...

Tell me you're going to enter a photo contest or something. Not only is your little guy precious, but your pictures are awesome.