Friday, June 12, 2009

Growing and growing

The stats are in; he's still growing.

Length:  24 inches  
Weight:  14 lb. 13 oz.  

Recent milestones:
--Winston's getting really good at holding his head up, which makes tummy time not such a drag.

--Winston can successfully get his hand in his mouth, though he hasn't figured out how to get his pacifier back in his mouth.  Instead, his whole hand becomes a pacifier.  I suppose that works for now.  

--He's also graduated from the "hammock" into the bath.  This boy is so long; he kept pushing himself off the bottom end of the tub.  Now the little tub seems just right, but I'm sure not for long.    

--He isn't sitting up just yet, but I'm sure he will be soon.  His once docile temperament has turned into a more curious, animated one.  He's turned a new leaf and now squirms all over the place and loves to stand up.  He's become quite the talker, too.  I'm determined to get some video of him talking, but he becomes a little distracted as soon as the camera come out, making it a little tricky to get him to smile or talk.    

We love, love, love this baby.  

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Megan and Ben said...

Little Dub! He is growing. I love all the pics. Watch out he'll be rolling over before you know it. It's good to see that some babies get to wear summer clothes...and had some warm weather! (Where is ours'?) We just love him!