Sunday, November 27, 2011

Above water

a couple of weeks ago I was playing phone tag with my sister.  it had been a particularly challenging day and the thought of staying in bed all day with the lights out and the door shut was all i could think to do.  quite honestly, this was the closest to feelings of depression i have ever felt.
when i finally got a hold of my sister to discuss something probably not entirely important, i couldn't keep feelings in.  our conversation turned into much less about the initial topic and more about talking me off the ledge.  my sweet, sweet sister.  thank you.  thank you for being there.
i was able to pull myself together enough to get off the phone and lie on the couch.  D got home with a bag of Trader Joe's peppermint pretzels and i ate my feelings for the rest of the night.
the following day, a mysterious, unmarked van showed up at my house.  i was hesitant to answer the door.  so glad i did.  beautiful sunflowers greeted me along with this friendly gentleman.  i about fell apart in the foyer.  he probably gets that a lot.
my same precious sister sent some literal sun my way with words that restored my destroyed self-confidence and depleted energy.
thank you, mag-lite.  you're the best.