Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

For the past 3+ weeks, W greeted people with a, "Hi!  I'm a fireman!" -- all spoken in an excited, boisterous (read:  loud!) voice.  His fireman dreams came true over the almost week of Halloween festivities.
We attended Papa and SheShe's ward trunk-or-treat, our ward trunk-or-treat, went to Dave's office, visited the real firemen at the fire station (post coming soon), plus did the actual trick-or-treating on Halloween.  As expected, W had no problem picking up the "Trick-or-treat, please!" routine, so he had no trouble acquiring more candy than I know what to do with.  We are on sugar overload just due to how much is in the house, let alone what's been consumed.
I have to admit, these two are the cutest fireman and pumpkin I've ever seen.

 {carving the "mama punk" and "baby punk" pumpkins with MaMom}
{baby punk}

{Mary Poppins and "baby punk" Lizzy}
 {W and his friend Alex}


Libby said...

Love your Mary Poppins costume! That movie is a new favorite around these parts.

You're right, those little trick or treaters of yours are adorable. Are you at all overwhelmed by the amount of costume events these days? I definitely am!

Sharstin said...

they look so great~ love the costumes--and you make one fab mary poppings! halloween is so fun

Lizbeth said...