Friday, November 4, 2011

WF&P Rail Road

We visited the WF&P Rail Road a couple of weeks ago.  It's basically this mini train that works just like a regular steam engine train.  It runs on mini tracks, has mini cars, blows mini steam and toots its mini horn; perfect for a little boy.  We caught the train on a perfect Fall afternoon and rode through the woods and along the river through the beautiful, colorful leaves.

The train engineers are all volunteers.  It seems to be a sort of generational thing passed down from father to son.

The whole operation seemed a little backwoods-ish (no "keep your arms and legs inside the train," we were free to get on and off the train at any stop but we couldn't expect much notice as to when it would start up again), but it was fun, nonetheless.


Rita said...

Dennis would LOVE to ride that train! Where is it?

Lizbeth said...

those precious babies will be mine!

Wisconsin Waterfall Family said...

We love trains too!
I am an engineer, you know.