Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tardy Thanksgiving

Lately, the idea of sitting at the computer for longer than 30 seconds is quite laughable. Almost instantly I'm a human jungle gym. Or I'm guilted into feeling neglectful because I turned my attention from Sir W. Oh the horror.  (sarcasm)  

Consequently, the expected daily thanksgiving didn't happen. However, I have not failed to find things to be thankful for along the way. I did make an effort to pointedly appreciate something every day.  Or maybe a few in one day to make up.

In all seriousness, I am thankful for many things.  Like...
  • people who help me wrastle two babes at church
  • waking up to W reading outside my door (as opposed to him running in screaming, "Miwk, mommy!  Miwk!")
  • W learning feelings, what it means to be sad, and feeling empathy for his screaming, teething sister
  • working together outside; E on a blanket, W using a stick-turned-blower, D cleaning gutters and I raking leaves
  • rolls that turn out perfectly, twice!
  • W giving me a hug and telling me he loves me after reading I Love You, Stinkyface
  • peppermint pretzels from Trader Joe's
  • spending time just with Lizzy
  • flowers
  • being part of a family who can and will pull it together for each other
  • sisters
  • a hard-working hubs who changes the oil in my car and cleans up dinner
  • mindless movies
  • DVR (and mindless TV)
  • church callings that teach me even when I don't want to be taught
  • good health
  • trust
  • watching Lizzy reach milestones at light speed
  • hearing D call Lizzy "baby doll"
  • my dad who returned home safely (from Afghanistan!  nbd, right?)
  • chaotic family pictures
  • Lizzy giving great-grandparents each a hug before leaving
  • good haircuts (sorry W, you never seem to get one)
  • a certain two-year-old's imagination and the conversations he can have with a mini Buzz and Woody
  • dual bathtimes
  • W's seemingly indestructible body and endless energy
  • cousins:  mine and my children's
  • happy babies who love each other
  • a fun week with MaMom

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Becca said...

I've been thinking about doing a "thankful" list, too. 29 things--one for each year I've been alive (yikes). This is a great list; esp. your dad coming home safely from Afghanistan. Your "Above Water" post has been on my mind almost constantly since I read it. Is it cheesy if I said I wished we lived closer so I could get to know you better in person? Stay-in-bed days would be so much more manageable if someone else was around to say, "Hey, take this rambunctious boy while I detox/refill/catch my breath."

By the way, I'm thinking of starting a daily coloring time. My W at the table, strapped into his booster seat while I sit here at the computer, sans tiny hands all over the place.