Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eight Months

Happy eight months little W!  I never thought it was possible for someone to get cuter ever single day.  But alas, it is.  W is changing all the time, too.  Milestones:
**Crawling, climbing, standing.  This boy gets around!  He's pulling himself up on the fireplace step, shelves, boxes and baskets.  At least a dozen times I day I have to pull him out of Lucy's bed or away from Dave's bike.
**Four teeth on top.  They make him look so old!  
**First tastes of juice...for medicinal purposes.  After a good week, the juice finally started to really work.  
**First trip to Nauvoo.
**First Halloween.  Dressed up like a little German yodeler.  Classic!

And of course, there are plenty of reasons why I love this boy:
**He has this funny hand movement that he always does.  It looks like he's rolling his wrists and tapping his fingers at the same time.  
**He's tough.  We are becoming more and more familiar with the thud of his body (usually his head) meeting the floor.  I promise we're good parents!  :)  We try to keep an eye on him, while at the same time give him the opp. to try things out.  Though he tips over or rolls off, he usually just lies there for a minute, then rolls over and is on to something else.  Not even a hint of crying.  Tough, I tell you.  Tough.  
**He pulls hair.  No, I don't particularly love this, but it is a bit funny.  When a woman picks him up, he'll immediately inspect her face, then move right to the hair.  He intently focuses, then goes in for the kill.  If it's a man, he hones in on the target, then goes right for the arm hair.  It hurts.  A lot.  But he's so intense about it, it's funny.    
**He's ticklish.  Several people asked me when he was younger if he was ticklish.  Well, he wasn't.  Really, not ticklish at all.  But now, this boy will laugh and laugh and laugh when you get him right under his chin or his little ribs.  I love to hear that sound.
**He's enamored with his dad.  I don't know if Dave notices it, but every night when he comes home, W drops me and goes right for his dad.  W just looks and looks at Dave anytime he's around.  He loves to watch his dad work on his bike and even work in the yard.  I love watching this bond sort of blossom.  It helps me understand and appreciate more the importance of having both a mom and a dad fully involved.  

Love you, baby boy.  


Megan and Ben said...

SOOO cute! I cant wait to get the babelets together! It will be so fun...and they are both tough, so no tears - hopefully! W is 8, that means M is 10, I need to get on that.
Love you Katie- so, so much

Sherry said...

I love baby Winston! I can't believe is 8 months already!

Jamie said...

What a little cutie! I love how he is eating the "8 month" card - classic!

The Robinson's said...

He is almost too big for his changing table!! I can't believe it! Have I told you how much I love reading your posts? LOVE THEM!! I love how you write- it is so fun to read about your thoughts and points of view!

Lizbeth said...

i looooove the photos!!!