Monday, November 9, 2009

Precious Metals

Friends:  A Case Study
Today I am thankful for good friends.
It was my darling friend's birthday this weekend.  Like the slacker I am, the only birthday gift I bore was the lame-o, archaic (free) e-card I sent to her.  But luckily enough, I caught her on the phone.  I love this girl.  I love talking to her and catching up.  I love hearing about her funny stories (i.e. warrants out for her arrest and kissing one of our best (let's be clear, BOY) friends).  She is a beautiful girl.  I hope she had a beautiful birthday.
I  also talked to one of my dearest friends on the phone last night.  We live far away from each other.  Our lives are busy; time tends to get away from us.  But still, we can go months without talking on the phone or e-mail and pick up right where we left off.  How's the fam?  How's the babe?  How are YOU?  Are you happy?  Stop being so type-A.  Life is hard.  Life is great.  Can't wait to see you soon.  That's the gist of our conversations.  But as we were brainstorming our soon-to-be-planned holiday party, she reminded me of something.  She reminded me of the importance of reconnecting with old friends to remind oneself of where she came from.  For me, to remind MYSELF of my roots.
Just now I got back from lunch with another friend of mine.  (Gee, don't I sound popular?)  This friend actually used to be my boss.  Hmm...odd.  But now that neither of us is working, we've left the professional fodder out and now we're just friends.  She's nice.  She's outspoken.  And she likes to hold W.  What's not to like?  She is becoming a good friend to me.
So...I'm thankful for friends.  Old friend.  New friend.  Gold or silver.  I love them all.  That's the great thing about friends; either way, you end up with something precious.


melissa said...

love your writing, katie. you are sooo good at it. loved talking to you last night too. and LOVE YOU! hugkisshug

Heather said...

i agree, gold, silver, old, new. we need girlfriends!
ps...w is getting so big and cannot wait for him and o to meet
we will be in tx for thanksgiving!!!!!!

the black family said...

You are a beautiful person and a wonderful friend. It made me happy to look over and see your face on Sunday. Need to see more of you.

crystalyn and rob said...

love you friend!!!