Friday, November 6, 2009

Running in the Dark

I tried something new.  Last night was the first meeting of the "Social Sunset Run" something-or-other offered by a local running store.  Basically a group of about 30 people got together to go on a run.  However, there was no sunset viewing; it was actually pitch black outside.  But the brisk weather was perfect, so we donned our blinking lights, headlamps, reflective clothing and set out.
Now, I didn't know a single person in this group.  Aside from making superficial judgments based on how short a man's shorts are, how teeny a woman's legs are that run on her teeny dainty feet, or how "tough" one appears to look as he/she waits (like he/she has something better to do) for the group to leave, I wasn't familiar with how fast or how slow these people might run.  What kind of pace are we running here?  Would I do the three or five mile run?  I hope I don't trip.  What if I have to go to the bathroom?  Would I be that girl that runs by herself the whole time?  These are the kinds of things that went through my head.  But, like many things I do, I just show up and figure it out as I go.
About a mile into the run, I had found a group of three other women who ran at a comfortable pace.  We didn't talk much at first, just ran.  But by the end, I was glad I wasn't alone (A) and (B) that I'd found some cool people to run with in the dark.  And thankfully, I didn't trip either.
I didn't join the group for the post-run pizza and beer (shucks).  But I am excited for the run next week.  Maybe I'll meet some new friends.  Maybe I'll run faster.  Maybe I'll even wear short shorts.
I like trying new things.

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Erica said...

Hi Katie!! That is very brave of you! I don't know if I would dare do something like that by myself without a friend. How's life?