Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm not one for (overt) public displays of affection or even publicly gushing my affection.  But I am thankful for the one I am most affectionate for.  I'm thankful for him because..
--he makes me laugh. really hard.
--he turns the seat warmer on in the car before I get in so my seat is nice and toasty.
--when he discovers a new hobby, he gets really into it, becoming all but professional.
--he is sensitive to others' needs.
--he enjoys yard work.
--he can fix anything.  anything.
--he works hard.
--but he knows how to relax.
--he takes care of W on Sunday mornings so I can sleep a little longer.
--he keeps things in perspective.
--he says it like it is.
--he keeps things simple.
--he likes to cook.
--he enjoys soda and Mexican food together as much as I do.
--he loves his boy.
--he loves me.
--a lot.

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