Monday, November 23, 2009

Forever Thankful

Winston had his first ear infection this week.  His condition was hardly a crisis.  I mean, really.  It won't be something I mention on next month's milestone list.  It's been a small bump in the road, but to be expected.  Not a big deal.  Nonetheless, it certainly didn't make for the most enjoyable week.  Five nights in a row he got up two and three times each screaming at the top of his lungs.  Screaming like I've never seen before.  Holding him didn't work.  Neither did rocking him, rubbing his back or trying to wake him up from the night terrors (which I erroneously diagnosed).  I was trying everything, none of which worked.  It was dark.  Middle of the night.  And Tylenol was a failing companion.  I felt helpless.  I finally just held him out in front of me one night and said, "Winston, I don't know what's wrong.  I don't know what you want or need."
Following my mother's advice (because I'd been ignoring my own intuition for several days), we finally went to see Dr. Joe.  A quick exam determined an ear infection to be the culprit.  An RX for amoxicillin and we were out the door.  Twenty-four hours later, W is a new kid.  Actually, he's back to being the W we know.  But it was simple.  Fixable.  He is whole.  He is healthy.  He is happy. I'd say, his condition is what every mother hopes for.
This experience has made me more thankful for not just available medical help, but, on the grander scale of things, thankful for a child who is free from disability and disease.   This has been on my mind all week long.  We are so, so, SO lucky to have a healthy boy.
Just a few days ago, my friend/former co-worker gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  In the first few hours of life, this little guy has already undergone surgery to fix a birth defect involving his stomach and esophagus.  He uses a feeding tube and will have to be in the hospital for a couple of weeks at best.
I also just learned that a classmate of mine has two children who are needing to undergo multiple organ transplants.  The youngest, a daughter, needs the transplants as soon as possible, as her condition is most severe.  Six days a week this mom takes her two kids to the hospital for dialysis for her daughter.  Her life has been turned upside down.  I would guess she wakes up each day wondering if this will be the day her daughter gets the transplants and a new chance at life.
And finally, shortly after W was born, my friend delivered a beautiful little boy.  This little boy's body was weak, but his spirit strong.  I have seen (via blog) my friend go through the heartbreaking challenge of receiving and returning her little B to Heavenly Father in the same day.  The thought of this is devastating and physically makes my heart ache.  But my friend has not been broken by this; I think quite the contrary.  She has become the epitome of strength and courage.  She is an example of what hope really is.  I admire her very much and I'm sure her little B is so proud of his mom, too.
Last week I learned a little bit more how sensitive and effected a mother is to her child.  It's weird how motherhood works.  Like some sort of voodoo, whatever he experiences, I do ten-fold.  I am thankful for the simple fix that healed and soothed W, because it healed and soothed me, too.  I am thankful for the examples of so many women who bear tremendous burdens in the name of their children and, without hesitation, manage to smile all the way through it.
I'm sure there are times when I feel like life is hard or I deserve a break, or I wonder why some things have to be so difficult.  But I am quickly corrected.  I am blessed; too blessed.  And I am forever thankful for my healthy, happy little boy.


The Robinson's said...

This post hits it right on! We are very blessed. I wish I could only be as strong as those people we know that are going through these tough times. They are amazing people.

Erica said...

I have also kept up with the people you are referring to and they both demonstrate a lot of hope, faith, and strength. There is much to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminder!