Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Top 10

Just some of the highlights of this year's Thanksgiving festivities.

10.  Taking Christmas pictures with the grandkids.  Lots of stripes. Lots of squirming.  Hopefully one photo that will actually work.

9.  Staying at the (un)Comfort Suites.  I didn't think it was bad at all. D and S thought differently.

8.  Boys' trip to the car show.  Jamesy got to sit in a baby blue fancy/fast car -- one of two such cars made.

7.  Running/jumping/dodging 3.2 miles in downtown Dallas with 35,000 other people, some dressed like this:

6.  Sir W and Miss O meeting for the first time.  Really cute.  He liked to pull her hair.  She just smiled.  Match made in heaven, I'd say.

5.  Baby Will's blessing, making Thanksgiving Day even more special.

4.  A delicious spread, as always.  A moist turkey, amazing rolls, fluffy stuffing, and coconut cream pie which I secretly wanted a second helping of.

3.  The babysitter(s):  James and the door stop.  W could be entertained all day.

2.  Sharing what we're thankful for.

1.  We are blessed.


katie, dave, lucille and winston said...

You are too nice! I love you! Dave

Lizbeth said...

I loove this post! Then again, I love all of them. Your thanksgiving looked straight out the pages of a martha stewart mag, i am a bit jealous, alright? Precious little bubba, aww. I did, however, notice that you forgot to write someone's name on your "thankful for" card. . not saying who... just though i'd mention it. Love you long time!

crystalyn and rob said...

can i get an invite to this persons home to any occasion? it looks fabulous! i second what liz said.....