Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deer Valley 2012

Our first weekend in Utah was spent in Park  City.  Similar to last year, we stayed for a little weekend vacation to take advantage of the "mountain air."  But unlike last year, Kristin and Erik and their kids were there, too, as well as She She and Papa.  Aunt Laura lives in Park City, as well.  Instead of staying at Deer Valley, we stayed with Laura, which worked out perfectly...though she may think otherwise after the broken bowl and countless pieces of cereal on the floor. 
We rode the Deer Valley lift up the mountain.  Winston did great.  Lizzy was wiggly, which made the ride up a bit nerve wracking.  But we made it.  And it was as beautiful as ever.  Despite the heat of the summer, everything was lush and green.  The view into the valley will never get old.  It is gorgeous.  

We made a stop at the Stein Eriksen for treats and pictures.  

Sunday morning we spent at the Stein Eriksen again for the Sunday brunch.  That place is tops in my book.  It is so delicious.  We had waffles, pancakes, omelets, fruit, salads, desserts.  It was so delicious.  The kids had fun and were so well-behaved, too.  
After brunch, we were walking out into the lobby area.  The little boys, Will and Winston, stopped at a little three-piece band playing music.  It was sort of jazzy -- a guitar, bass guitar and drums.  The boys were at first curious, then naturally started moving to the music.  As time went by, they got more and more into it, Winston especially.  He had this hip-shaking move that he did over and over again.  It was like it was dancing in a room all by himself, unabashedly.  It was hysterical.  We were all so surprised at his moves.  And the best part, a man who had walked by and saw them dancing came back to give Winston a dollar bill.  The man sort of gave W a thumbs up, to which W replied with a gun/thumbs-up move right back at him.  Too funny!  


Sharstin said...

so you guys are to adorable. What fun!

Megan and Ben said...

what a great family shot at the bottom and on the grass.
i can't get over how TALL and skinny Rees is...when did she grow up? What a cute girl.