Sunday, August 12, 2012

Laura + Trevor

Laura and Trevor tied the knot this summer.  
The night before the big day, Laura and Trevor hosted a fun "Meet Me in St. Louis" party at Steve and Sherry's.  Winston (and his cousins) had more than his fair share of Fitz's root beer and sodas.  After dinner, we watched fireworks in the backyard, then headed to Ted Drewes for custard.  Perfect night to kick off the wedding festivities.
The next day, Aug. 11, 2012, Laura and Trevor were married in the St. Louis Temple.  Uncle Don performed the sealing, and it was beautiful, sweet and very heartfelt.  Before she and Trevor made the exit from the temple, I helped Laura get dressed in the bride's room.  She was a beautiful bride -- of course -- and at one moment she stood in front of a huge mirror at the back of the bride's room.  In her beautiful pink dress and veil, newly married, in this most exquisite room, it was picture perfect.  Even with the most beautiful and fun reception, I think that's the moment I remember the most.  
Reception dinner at St. Alban's Country Club.  Lizzie stayed just long enough to take pictures and eat dinner.  Then a babysitter came to pick her up and take her home; best decision ever!  
Congratulations L&T.  

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