Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MoBot + "Jessica and that guy"

One hot, balmy weekend, Amber and CT, along with their pups, made St. Louis a pit stop along their cross-country move to Virginia.  Naturally, we thought we'd show them just how blasted hot this place can get, and we took them to the Missouri Botanical Garden. 
Currently, the Chinese Lantern Festival is at the Garden.  At night, the gardens are illuminated by giant glowing temples, lanterns and moving, smoke-breathing dragons.   By day, it still looks pretty amazing.  

 Here Ambs and CT are in the Japanese garden with their "adopted" son.

 Here he is in a less-questionable pose with his parents, "Jessica and that guy."  

W taking a spin in Crystalyn's wheel chair.  (She broke her ankle...or tore some ligaments...something like that).

And if a day in the hot sun wasn't enough, we hit up the Muny that night to really sweat it out.

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