Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Utah or bust

July 11, 2012, at 2:00 p.m., we hit the road.  Destination, Park City, Utah.  The children were excited.  We had games, art supplies, books, treats galore and toys packed and ready.  It took about 30 minutes for them to go through everything.  Eeesh!
We set off in our cozy new little car.  Dave bought a Honda Civic the afternoon before we left.  He figured the gas mileage would be better than the Sequoia.  So, purchasing a brand new car seemed like a no brainer.  Totally normal, right?  
However, after our first fill-up -- cost:  about $30 -- and seeing the 40+ MPG the whole way...I was beginning to believe this car wasn't such a bad idea. 
Winston talked non-stop from Chesterfield, Mo., to Kearney, Neb.  That's nearly nine hours!  Once he finally stopped talking and fell asleep, we drove about another hour and a half to North Platte, Neb., and checked ourselves into a fancy (read:  sketchy) Ramada Inn.  Once morning came, we were out of there as quickly as we came.  We filled up the car, lost one of Winston's shoes somehow, got breakfast, and were on the road again.  
The children did really well, all things considered.  I would like to forget the state of Wyoming (no places to stop, and mind-numbingly blank), and I think Lizzie would, too.  Other than that, they were champs.  We made it!
After we arrived in Utah and calculated our gas expenses -- $85 in fill-ups! -- I was convinced that Dave wasn't so crazy after all.  Civic for the win!

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Megan and Ben said...

You caught it on film. I love the site of the UTAH sign. Oh my, i saw it and got butterflies.
Way to make the voyage. you guys rock.
We loved seeing you and would drive down there right now if we knew you would be there :)