Friday, August 17, 2012

Temple Square with the Tingeys

After both moving away, going to college, getting jobs, getting married and having babies, my friend Becca and I found ourselves in very stages of life. We reconnected over Facebook and blogs, but it wasn't until after a couple of failed attempts (last March), that we finally reacquainted in person. Basically, I sent her an e-maill and coerced her into taking me and my kids on a walking tour around downtown Salt Lake City. I'm kind of like the friend who just invites herself over...whoops.

Becca was so, so hospitable. Her little ones -- Will and Ada -- couldn't possibly be cuter. Will and Winston were insta-friends. Winston immediately wanted to hold hands and do everything together. Will was so kind to put up with Winston's excitment. We just felt so lucky to hang out and get to know each other better.

Armed with our strollers and snacks, we walked from her metro apartment to a quaint little park where Pres. Brigham Young is buried. I had never visited this park before; I didn't even know it was there. As we descended the hill down the street to the park, the face of the temple comes in full view and becomes greater and grander the closer you get. It was amazing. The park was sweet, quiet and nicely manicured. There were beautiful statues, as well. A little retreat in the city.
After the park, we headed toward Temple Square. We walked past the Lion House where Dave and I held our wedding reception. I tried to take a picture with the kids in front of it, but W refused. He opted to pick the blooms of flowers from their stems instead. Of course!

From there we walked past the Joseph Smith Memorial Building onto Temple Square. This view never gets old. Trying to get all four children in this one spot was like corralling kittens -- nearly impossible -- but they managed to sit still long enough to get at least two pictures. Getting all of them to look at me at the same time? Not a chance. 

Winston and Will had a ball running up and down the sidewalks and trying their hand at getting wet in the water features. Winst had to be pulled off the reflecting pool more than once, unfortunately. He must not have heard me ask him over and over to stay out. Selective hearing.

Even with restless little ones, Temple Square is such a peaceful, beautiful, reverent place.
After our "tour," we walked back to Becca's for lunch on her rooftop patio. Becca, the ever-gracious hostess, had lunches packed for each of us. She took such good care of us. While the kids ate and ran around together, Becca and I were able to sort of play 20 Questions and catch up on each other's lives. Despite not seeing each other for 10+ years, and really not knowing each other all too well before that, there's something to be said about how sharing similar seasons in life brings people together. You share the same road with similar challenges and common questions. You face similar unknowns. You experience similar milestones. I find it a welcome blessing to have a friend, a sounding board, an ally, to walk that road with. Thank you, Becca.


Libby said...

I completely agree with the "seasons in life" unification idea. I had a similar experience just recently with an old friend. We jabbered for two hours straight about strollers, naps, sippy cups, etc.

Glad you had a good visit to U-ville.

Becca said...

Truly, you flatter me. This was such a fun day, and I LOVE showing my friends downtown SLC. "Invite yourself over" any time.