Friday, August 17, 2012

WSU Fireworks

For as long as I remember, a Sunday or two before Pioneer Day (July 24), every person in or around Ogden, Utah, goes to see the fireworks at Weber State University.  EVERYONE goes.  Growing up, this was the social event of the summer; it probably still is.  

Sunday afternoon, we left Park City, dropped D off at the airport, and headed to Ogden.  Those highly-anticipated fireworks were that night.  Instead of being part of the crowd, we went a little later in the evening and went to my Grandma Lane's house first.  She lives just a block away from the campus. We parked at her house with my parents, aunt Cindy and uncle Bart, and Liz and Colby.  Grandma got out her ice cream bars, W was running around the yard, it was a beautiful night; we could've stayed all night.
Lizzie made fast friends with aunt Cindy so she could use Cindy for her ice cream.  
I managed to capture (iPhone) the cutest pic of Winst and my Grandma while we were there.  I love everything about this (minus the blurriness).  Grandma was so set on making sure W had everything he needed while we were there.  
Just before the fireworks began, we walked over to the school with Liz and uncle Coco.  Coco was good to wrestle with the kids, as usual.  
W was nervous about the fireworks, but he was a champ.  At the end he shouted, "Mom, I really liked those fireworks!" as though he couldn't believe it himself.  I loved sharing this little piece of my growing up with my kids. I was sad D wasn't there, but there's always next year...if I can convince him.  

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