Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life on the farm

I love that my parents' house is surrounded by so many childhood treasures.  One morning my mom and I took the kids about a mile down the street to the Bells' farm.  It about as "neighborhood farm" as it gets, complete with deer, llamas, goats, sheep, chickens, bunnies, a turtle in the well, roosters, peacocks and pigs.  It's fantastic!  And the Bell families are so kind and accommodating to show the farm to anyone who comes by.  
We just happened to meet up with the Crowell grandkids, Elsie and Spencer, who were visiting from England.  W loves a new friend and is quick to take charge (maybe it was her adorable British accent and sweet little face that he loved?).  Elsie wasn't so sure about this pushy American kid who wanted to have all of her lettuce to feed the animals, but she soon warmed up to Winst and they were buddies.  
The kids got to see the animals in the pasture, but then the  Bells took them into the barn where they could see the bunnies, chickens, rabbits, roosters and even back to the pigs.  Lucky kids.  

Side note:  Winston found a partially-used disposable camera in my mom's hall closet.  He took it on several of our little outings and would randomly snap pictures.  I'll be interested to see what is captured in those photos whenever my mom develops it.  


Ashley said...

That makes me want to move to England--just so my kids will have British accents, that is so cute! Love that first picture of W--a little smile, but a litte unsure :) Cute, cute kids. I'm jealous you met the Crowells, their momma is one of my favorites!

Becca said...

This is so fun! There's Wheeler Farm here in SLC, but not so much in the way of cute neighborhood farms here in the Aves. But I'm hoping to get up to my parents' this autumn, because there's this fantastic farm with tractor rides, pumpkin patches, etc. And not to mention the best sparkling cider. Fun, fun.