Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life at home: week 1

Stopped by the neighborhood fire station after a morning walk.  W met Dan the fireman, who let W sit in the driver's seat, showed him around the fire engine, and showed him some of the tools.  W is always a sucker for a fire engine.  
Headlamps are a necessity.  
Poppy Scott's tractor is just as much a tool for work as it is for fun.  W would ride that thing all day if he could.
Picking raspberries with MaMom.  
I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert with my parents and Waterfall grandparents.  It was a great concert with beautiful, beautiful music.  I forget just how magnificent the Conference Center is, and yet how the Spirit can still feel like it's bursting in such a big place.  It was so fun to be there with them.  Side note:  We all snuggled into my Civic to drive down to the Conference Center (why?).  My grandparents were amazed at the MPG monitors and light features on the car.  The whole way down and back was filled with, "So how many miles per gallon now?  Oh, the light's turning green, so we must be doing well."  They were amazed and I was amused. 

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Megan and Ben said...

This is all so fun.
I am glad they could spend so much time with you and your darling kids.
Oh I miss you guys.