Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday Wish

Turning ��25 is one of life's milestones. ��I'll be 1/4 century old. ��My insurance will go down. ��I can rent any car, no questions asked. ��So I will embrace this new chapter in my life. ��A new sewing machine is my requested my gift of choice this year. ��I haven't sewn since the days of "You Can Sew" in Julie Boyer's basement making bags, ill-fitting clothes, dolls and asking for help with the bobbin EVERY single time. ��I still can't get it figured out. ��But I'm going to overcome my misunderstanding of the bobbin and take on sewing again.After reading some reviews, the Singer 7444 seems like the sensible machine choice. ��And for added convenience, you can purchase at Target. ��