Thursday, October 29, 2009

Write It Down

I received an e-mail from my Grandpa W a couple of days ago. I always like getting e-mails from my grandparents. They're funny, witty, well-written and always full of simple wisdom. This e-mail was no different. Though it was addressed to my family, I secretly think it began with "Dear Katie."
In the e-mail, my Grandpa described how he learned from a neighbor that both of their fathers had been drafted into the Army during WWI. Both men were stationed together at the Precidio in San Francisco before returning home to their new brides. This was all news to my Grandpa. He says his father neither kept a journal nor detailed his life to his young children. I sensed a feeling of affection and pride in his father. But I also sensed feelings of nostalgia, perhaps a longing for how to get to know this man a little better. Now, thanks to the journal of his neighbor's father, as well as talking with my great uncle Roger, my Grandpa knows a bit more about his dad.
In closing his e-mail, my Grandpa simply counseled:
So family, if you want your posterity to know who you are, what you did, and what you think--write it down.
It will be a blessing to those who call you family.

By no means am I an exemplary journal writer. I use excuses like I don't have much to say, my life lacks excitement worthy of documentation or I don't have the time. But the bottom line is these excuses aren't any good and perhaps some day my posterity will want to know what possessed me to sign up for UNT, or how in the world I went from business to journalism, or maybe even the story behind how Dave and I got together. Maybe they'll care. Maybe they won't. But they won't have the luxury of knowing if I don't write it down.
So...resolution here. I won a little notebook and small box full of writing prompts from a cute little blog I read. My intentions have been nothing but good, but I just haven't made the time to sit down, pick out an idea and write about it. I need a goal and/or purpose. So, thanks to Grandpa W, I'll be selecting a prompt each day to write about. The requirements are simple:
1) Write at least five days a week
2) One page minimum
3) Write honestly and sincerely
I've been writing for a couple of days now. I'm rusty. Really rusty. But it feels good to look inward. And it's exciting to think that maybe, just maybe, one of my kids or grandkids or even great-grandkids might actually care to read this stuff.
Thanks Grandpa.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Happening

Fall is here! I anticipate this season every year. Though I don't anticipate the leaf raking, I do love looking out my back window to this.

It has been raining (almost non-stop) for several days now, but I looked out my window yesterday and it was raining leaves, too. I love that! I love the Fall colors. I love the burnt oranges and yellows. I love that magnificent red on the bushes. The tree in my front yard is starting to morph into its near florescent orange before it drops its leaves. I can't get enough of these couple of weeks we have to see all the incredible colors. Now if it would just stop raining, perhaps we could be out among the colors a little more.

It All Started With the Beans

I tried to feed some green beans to W yesterday. He didn't seem to enjoy them too much, so I tried to mix in some fruit that I had given him earlier in the morning. He didn't like that either. So, I got rid of the beans altogether and just fed him the peaches and apples from his breakfast. I think he's still tasting those beans.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Slug

W is officially on the move. He can get around fast! He's already scaled the fireplace step and living room steps. But best of all, wherever he goes he leaves a slimy trail (as evident in the video).


This is what it looks like after filling your blender too full of red pepper soup.
Correction: This is what it looks like after the SECOND time you filled the blender too full (and already cleaned up the first time).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7 Months Old -- Slow Down Already!

Gosh I love this boy. Like I always say, I can't believe another month has gone by. He's getting so big, becoming more independent and acting like a boy instead of just a baby.

**Eating pears, apples, bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans (yuck!). Peas, on the other hand, are a no-go. After a couple of attempts, he eventually just sealed his mouth shut and wouldn't eat anything. I got the hint.
**Sitting up for a few seconds at a time. Not quite on his own, but getting more confident about it.
**Pulling himself across the floor. As previously documented, it's not even an army crawl as much as it's like a person with no legs pulling himself around. Lately, he likes to pull himself over to the ottoman or his high chair and lick the legs clean.
**It looks like vampire baby is becoming a more logical option for Halloween. W now has three teeth on the bottom. His upper left incisor has come through, and we should see the upper right any day. Problem is, his central incisors on top aren't visible. I suppose vampire baby it is.

More reasons why I love W:
**He is so, so patient.
**His laugh. I love it! He laughs at Lucy when she runs through the house like a crazy dog. He laughs when I blow on his belly. He laughs when we tickle him. Then he bears that bashful smile. So cute.
**He makes me laugh. W's personality is taking shape and he's turning out to be a funny kid. **He's a tease. He sticks his tongue out and blows spit everywhere and at anyone, kind of like a little boy teasing a younger sibling.
**He's getting more and more hair, which is making him look more and more like a little boy.
**He's constantly moving all over the place, but a few times recently he has been so tired that he just let me hold him and snuggle for a minute.
**Separation anxiety. While I don't love this often inconvenient quality, I do love that W wants me around. I do love that I can make him feel comfortable and at ease, even just by peering my head around the corner.
**Book worm. When he plays in my room, he seems to bypass the toys and go straight for the books. Granted, he seems to eat the books more the look at them. But perhaps it's a sign of his literary interest.
**Best baby noises. I should make a recording of all the classic baby noises he makes. The cooing, gurgling, squealing, tired moaning, hungry coughing noises he makes. They are spot on.
**People person. Instead of sliding into a deep (fake), anti-social sleep when he was a little baby, now W loves to be around large groups of people. He seems intrigued watching people and gets excited with lots of noise and commotion.
Happy seven months Boo.


I had a little party at my house last night. It was fun. It all came together in a sort of round about way. But I think getting ready for it was the most fun part.

Yes, yes, that's hand sanitizer on the table (compliments of someone who had the swine flu). You can never be too careful, right?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Halloween -- Jib Jab Style

Just one reason why I think my family is so cool.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009