Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phone Dump: Signs of Life

We are alive.  After pink eye and two bouts of flu/vius (me and possibly Dave), we are still alive.  Thankfully, we've been able to escape the house for brief moments between sicknesses.

Balloon Glow
We biked/pulled the kids through Forest Park for the annual Balloon Glow.  I've heard estimates up to 100,000 people being the park that night.  Lots of people!  But we loved riding through the park, and the kids had a great time seeing the hot air balloons glow in the dark of night.  

My mom and I are convinced that Lizzy looks just like my mother-in-law.  Now, perhaps if Lizzy had a little more hair....but, what do you think?

Thank you, Target $1 bin, for providing hilarious entertainment for W and me one afternoon.  The vampire teeth were a hit.

St. Louis Zoo.  SheShe had perfect timing and took us to the zoo the day before I was taken out by the awful flu.  W loved the train, and the carousel (adamant about riding a zebra) and the otters.

We're official parents now; we have taken our children to a Disney on Ice show.  Correction, Dave took one of our children -- Winston.  They saw Toy Story on Ice.  Dave said Winston watched intently the whole time and proudly pointed out all of the characters.  Dave's review?  He said it was OK...just glad the tickets were free.  The gratis tickets made buying a souvenir a little more palpable, but if that wasn't good enough, W picked out a $3 Buzz Lightyear straw -- which he called "cute baby Buzz" -- instead of the $20 souvenir cup.  Good boy, W.

W is currently obsessed -- OBSESSED -- with baseball.  Anything red (for Cardinals) is considered baseball memorabilia.  He would wear his Cardinals shirt and hat everyday, while toting his bat, ball and mitt, if I allowed it.  He's quite a natural, if I say so myself.  Look at that stance!

Playing dress-up.  There's been a lot of talk about Halloween around here.

And the happiest girl (who won't nap to save her -- and my-- life).  So smiley.  Rolly poly.  So cute.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Multiple Choice

It seems rather common that when a female blogger suddenly falls off the earth, her absence can mean one of three things:

1.)  She is newly "with child" and spending more time vomiting than sitting at the computer.
2.)  Blogger is on vacation and having a great ol' time documenting said vacation to share on blog.
3.)  Blogger is neither on vacation nor preparing for a new child, but rather spending time cleaning up the bowels and bellies of current children and wishing she was on vacation.

Sadly, I don't fit into #1 or #2.


I hope this blogging hiatus ends soon.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Series: The Power of the Cape

It's amazing how a simple cape can turn a little boy into...anything.  A little piece of fabric fastened around his neck and he's instantly equipped with super powers.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day

{ready for school with "pack pack" and lunch box}

Winston went to his first day of "school" today at St. John's ECC.  I wasn't sure what to expect with his emotions.  He wasn't sad.  He wasn't giddy with excitement either.  He was just like an old pro; he just wanted to go play.  

{walking in}

{still happy when it was time to go}

It was a little tricky getting details from him about his day except for "Tracy" (Ms. Tracy, one of his teachers) and that he played outside.  But his teachers informed me that he had quite a good day:  successfully went potty (hallelujah!), really liked playing outside (no kidding?!) and ate his lunch (which is no small miracle).

He came home happy with jam on his shirt and sand in his Pull-Up.  Wednesday may be W's dream come true.    

Friday, September 2, 2011

EVR: Five months

August 31, 2011

  • Rolls over (8.26.11)
  • Dave calls her "baby doll"
  • When he doesn't call her "Sissy," W will often refer to her as "Blue Eyes"
  • Now sleeps on her belly; like a dream!
  • Also moved upstairs to her own room
  • Went to her first Cardinal game (8.25.11)
  • Eating solid foods, sort of.  I think know more food ends up on her bib than in her belly.  
  • I think rice cereal give her a stomach ache
  • Peaches and pears seem okay, but awfully sweet
  • Loves to bathe with W
  • Chews on her bottom lip
  • Sucks her thumb

  • Doesn't really laugh, but takes big gasps of air when she gets excited
  • Trying to sit up on her own
  • Long strands of hair coming in very blonde; hair still has a tinge of red
  • Has become very interested in watching us eat
  • Bats at and grabs everything