Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looks can be deceiving

Doesn't this look delicious?

Too bad it didn't taste that way.
Dinner fail!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Need vs. want

Deciphering between needs and wants is likely a life-long dilemma.  And remember how I'm trying to keep things simple for baby girl?  Trying being the operative word.

After some thought, I'm pretty sure she needs this:
{via etsy}

Cutest thing you've ever seen, right?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Lovely

{tumbler via marta}

It's snowing outside!  Beautiful, white, peaceful snow.  The house is quiet.  Baby's still sleeping.  Ahhhh.  Perfection.  Until the day (read:  chaos) really starts, these few quiet moments are priceless.

It certainly isn't always like this.

The last couple of days have been exhausting.  Aside from cleaning a few closets and such, I really haven't done much of anything.  I've been wearing the same sweats three of the last four days.  Nope, make that four for four; I'm wearing them now.  I've only made dinner once.  I haven't ventured beyond a one mile radius of my home by myself.  And I'm not even depressed or anything.  I'm just so tired!

I suppose my nighttime sleep is getting less and less productive with this ever-growing bowling ball of an abdomen.  When the clock reads about 11:45 (yes, that's  a.m.), I am so wiped out I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone feed, entertain, play with and seem functional to Winst.  I feel like a drunk on the verge of consciousness, just begging for 1:00 to near so I can feel justified in putting W down for a nap.  But based on what I could find in my house (or that one-mile radius) I'm only drunk off this baby growing inside me (read:  that's sucking the life out of me).    

But redemption!  When Dave came home last night the first thing he said was, "The house looks clean."  I asked him if he was serious because I was shocked.  And he was.  Completely sincere.  This pretty well made my day, especially after having cleaned up the same books and toys 35,000 times.  Kind of pathetic.  But accurate.    

I read an article earlier this week I haven't stopped thinking about.  In a nutshell, the author discusses her fascination/obsession/anxiety for authenticity of the "Mormon housewife blogs."  No doubt, the Internet is flooded with loads of them -- some Mormon and some not -- which paint the picket-fence-picture-perfect-life we all want to punch through the computer screen or guilt ourselves to shame over said blog jealousy.  But to me, the author put it perfectly:
"...the basic messages expressed in these blogs -- family is wonderful, life is meant to be enjoyed, celebrate the small things -- are still lovely. And if they help women like me envision a life in which marriage and motherhood could potentially be something other than a miserable, soul-destroying trap, I say, 'Right on.'" 
In my heart of hearts, I can honestly say I've put forth a good effort to portray a realistic picture of my life on this little speck of mine in the world of blog land.  I can only hope I have expressed a message like she stated, of the little things still being lovely.  And I really appreciate when I can relate to another's honesty (like this), even if my relationship with this other person is only through my Google Reader.

Marriage and motherhood are awesome...and challenging and frustrating and rewarding and on and on and on.  My little blog is my outlet to journal my life, think out loud, see and share pretty and not-so-pretty things.  But overall, I want it to be a place where I feel comfortable being me, which is a mom and a wife and...Katie.  Clean and simple...sometimes.

Life is far from perfect.  I think most people can agree with that.  But we can all choose whether to be fulfilled or fed up with it.  So I suppose that means we can all choose to paint the picture we want because we can choose what we get out of the every day.  

I'm just trying to make my every day chaos something lovely.

To each her own.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Simply Must: Baby Essentials

{via Martha}

I find the preparation for baby #2 to be much, much different than the first time around.  This time I'm stressing about when to move W from the crib to a big-boy-bed, whether I should keep him in his same "nursery" or to a new room, what kind of bedding to get for him and her, and...well, it's a long list.

The other day I was remembering when I was pregnant with W.  The hubs and I would walk through Babies R Us with our eyes wide open and jaws dropped.  So. Much. Stuff.  It was mind boggling.

The closer to the baby's arrival, the more trips we made to said store.  I was irrational and thinking I needed everything now.  More often than not, D advised me to wait until the baby came.  Who knew whether he'd prefer Huggies or Pampers?  Avent or Dr. Brown's?  Blue or green?  Swaddled tightly or free to move?  And those breast pads -- what?!

This baby prep anxiety changed once W arrived.  In the first couple of months we figured out what he liked, what we liked, what worked, what completely failed, what we couldn't live without.

In my following trips to the baby store, I would see other parents-to-be overwhelmed and clueless like we were.  I wanted to hold their hands, stroke their hair, then start removing crap from their carts.

You see,with baby items, I've learned three things:
  1. Less is more -- way more.  
  2. There's a real difference between baby essentials, and just stuff.  Steer clear of the "stuff" until it becomes an essential.
  3. You get what you pay for.
Truth is, you have to go through this whole having-a-baby experience before you would have any idea what half of these things are.  So, essentially, any woman who's done it is an expert.

And now that I am back in baby mode (and offering unsolicited advice), here are the essentials I would recommend:
  • White onesies:  available in every size.  Perfect for around the house, a hot day, and underneath everything.
  • Gown pajamas with front snaps:  a must!  Easy for nighttime changes, and the snaps mean you don't have to pull the gown over baby's head.
  • Simple, soft clothing:  I'm of the opinion, a baby should still look like a baby in whatever they are wearing.  They will inevitably grow up and wear jeans, boots, corduroy and bright stripes, but they can only wear soft colors and cozy fabrics for so long.  And clothing doesn't have to break the bank.  Don't be afraid of hand-me-downs.  
  • J&J baby lotion:  for me, off-brands don't cut it here.  This is the softest, best smelling stuff there is.
  • Snug hat:  This one is my favorite, and it looks oh so cute on the little one.  
  • Aden+Anais swaddlers:  all-time best swaddling blanket.  Can be used as a light blanket later on.  You can pick these up at Target, too.
  • Pack 'n Play:  most come with a bassinet feature, so it's perfect for the newest baby, all the way up to a toddler.  Take it on trips, outside, or as an alternative to a co-sleeper.  Stick with gender neutral. 
  • A&D Ointment and Butt Paste:  babies get diaper rash.  I've found A&D to be an every-day preventative, as well as treatment for a milder rash.  Got a rash?  Go with the Paste.
  • Electric breast pump:  If you're nursing, this should be top on your list.  Yes, they are pricey, but if you're working or even considering more than one child (or you would just like the option of providing your baby a bottle), you WILL get your money's worth. 
  • Burp cloths, burp cloths, burp cloths:  babies spit up..a lot.  Always have more than you think you need.  And you can save some money -- these are an easy thing to make. 
  • Books:  no one knows what toy your new baby is going to love; Instead of clearing out the store's toy section, opt for books.  You can never go wrong with the classics (Goodnight Moon, I Love You Stinky Face, or any Eric Carle or Sandra Boynton selections).  A favorite of ours is I Love You Through and Through.
  • An assortment of hygiene items:  try a few different brands of diapers (small pack) and breast pads.  My experience says Huggies work best for girls -- Pampers for boys.  Regardless, you will go through more of these than you ever thought possible, so don't feel like you have to commit immediately.  First, figure out which kinds work best for you and baby.

What am I forgetting?  What are your baby must-haves?  What do I  need for baby #2?  And what will the essentials be for baby #1 (who's not so much a baby anymore)?  

I suppose I should wait it out a bit.  The bases are covered.  W will eventually sleep in a real bed.  His room will evolve into something he and I can both be proud of.  And baby girl will have plenty of clean, white onesies to wear.  

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shoe let down

I saw these shoes in a magazine the other day.  "Vegan" clogs by Dansko.  I love my current Danskos, and thought these looked promising.  

Socks optional.  Lightweight.  Surely, they're comfortable.  And they're available Feb. 1, just in time for the b-day.  What's not to like?

But after seeing some of them online... I'm not so sure.  Look more like gardening shoes?  With a heel, no less.

I'm re-thinking my birthday wish.  (Still hoping a trip sans child isn't too much of a stretch)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Perfect cover of one of my fave songs.
I love how the little girl sings with such gusto, and keeps it together while she yawns at the end.
Precious, isn't it?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The ultimate in "Mom Jeans"

Perhaps this is just my pregnant state of mind talking, but if a pair of these showed up on my front porch, I'd be slightly interested.  Actually, I would likely wear them...everyday for the next 12 weeks.  Embarrassing, isn't it?  Nah.  

Order Now• DormiSoft™ fabric – a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex
• Feels like sleepwear but looked too good to keep hidden under the covers
• Look put together all day long
• Available in 8 sizes from XS up to 3XL

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Calling gov't agencies

Things have been different around here this week. An innocent email regarding a humidifier recommendation has turned into way too many phone calls to the doctor and trips to the pharmacy. Now we're laying low and waiting this out (read: going borderline crazy while being cooped up at home). Please don't call the Health Department. We'll likely be getting a call from them anyway.

And please don't call DCFS either. Yes, that was W you heard screaming this morning. For 30+ min. At the top of the stairs. Loudly. Really loudly. I assure you he was fine. Perhaps he's suffering from cabin fever, too.

Although it's only been a couple of days of this staying home stint, my creativity and energy are already running low. We're coloring this morning (creativity for me) but the table seems to be getting more lively than the coloring books (which energy I lack to clean up). Too bad.

So give Animal Control a call if you see my dog running aimlessly around the neighborhood (or you could just keep her). Otherwise, we're fine. Just whooping it up here at home.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011


When I think about having another child, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed.  Granted, people have been having more than one child for thousands of years.  Surely it's possible.  But for many reasons, I still always feel a slight (sometimes huge) twinge of anxiety.  

With W, I was ever-faithful in regular updates about milestones and such.  It was easy when he would just lie there, stare at me, and convince me with that little smile that he was perfect, I was perfect, and this mothering gig was a cinch.  Add mobility, balls, metal trucks and solid foods, and that convincing smile is now more of a mischievous one.  

Since baby #2 will like get one introductory post, then another when she enters kindergarten, I thought I'd try to take advantage of the next few months and really chalk up W's life.  Hopefully these  are not (but could quite possibly be) his last mentions.  Thanks for indulging me.    

  • "Shhhh" when someone is sleeping
  • "Daaaa-ddy?"
  • Whispers Mama or Daddy and thinks it's so funny
  • Dumps water (and more water and more water) from tub
  • Takes cans from the Lazy Susan and stores them in bookshelf
  • Wears ear protection all over house
  • Carries blanket around house
  • Knows how to climb out of crib
  • Words:  see ya, what's that, gorilla, snake sounds, shoe, SheShe, MaMom, Papa, Jackie, where'd ____ go
  • Hand sanitizer lover
  • Elephant obsession
  • Screams...and screams
  • Babbles with lots of tongue/"L" sounds
  • Copies dad: caulk around house, screw gun, gloves, hat, voices
  • Points to my belly for baby
  • Still loves nursery
  • Knows the actions to songs: Happy and You Know It, When Daddy Comes Home, Popcorn Popping
  • Points to moon and stars
  • Gives Lucy treats
  • Dumps Lucy's food and feeds her one at a time
  • Says "Ho, ho, ho" and checked on the lighted Santa on the porch every night
  • The response to every question:  "No" (even when he means yes)
  • The beginning of every sentence:  "Why?"  
  • Becoming an independent player
  • Always folds his arms
  • Sleeps with his ankles crossed
  • Has really taken to coloring (not always on paper)
  • Has a sound effect for everything

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quoted: Gumption

I'm always a fan of new beginnings, new plans, new hopes, new ambitions, new ideas.  Yet January 1 has snuck up on me, the calendar page has now turned, and my usual course of crafting a thoughtful plan of goals for the upcoming year has fallen behind my goal of extracting the last of those pine needles from the carpet.  
It will happen.  Just a bit of a delay, I suppose.

However, in reading others' goals and reviews of the last year, I came across this thought.  An inspiration.  Perhaps the springboard to my outlook on 2011.  I really like the ideas of willingness, not complaining, and finding a way.  

I'm excited for all that this year has in store.