Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thies Farm 2011

We went back to Thies Farm Pumpkinland this year.  W was more up-to-size this time.  He thoroughly enjoyed the tractors,  hay bale obstacle course, and the zip line (although a bit nervous at first).   Last year he had a meltdown about 20 minutes into it.  But this year he was a champ...until he was barreled over by a girl coming down the slide.  Total wipeout.  Lots of tears.  Both survived.
We also picked out some pumpkins while we were there.  We came home with several wacky looking gourds, a 26 pound pumpkin, and a "baby punk" for W that he had been requesting for days.
Here's to Fall!

 {waaay to bright for pictures}

 {thumbs up}

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

EVR: Six Months

Lizzy turned six months old on Sunday.  Time is flying at warp speed.  Here are her stats:

Height:  28 1/4" (97%+)
Weight:  18lb 12.5 oz (92%)

  • She is still the smiliest girl I know, though we have yet to get a good laugh out of her (still!).  She is certainly a girl, though, because she can turn rather serious rather quickly.  
  • She's sitting up all by herself...all the time.  Lying on her back is a drag, so if not sitting up, she prefers to be on her belly where she can push herself around backwards around the room.  Yes, she's already somewhat mobile.  Yikes!
  • Her hair is coming in thick and still as blonde as can be.  
  • And those eyes?  Still blue.  
  • She continues to be enamored with anything and everything W does.  Perhaps that's why she can't quite seem to ever get away for a good nap.  This girl can't nap to save her life!  
  • Nighttime is tricky, too.  But we're working things out.  
  • I have learned that tickling the back of her neck and shoulders sometimes does the trick of calming her down to sleep.  It's like instant relaxation for her.  
  • She's well into the "everything must go in my mouth" phase.  In fact, right now, she's sucking on my arm/shirt.  
  • She loves pears, peaches, applesauce, whole bananas and sweet potatoes.  We even sneak in some bread, too.  
  • She loves to chew on Sophie the Giraffe's leg.  
  • We love the few hours of time she and I have together each week while W is at preschool.  It's so fun to play with this little girl.       

Sunday, October 2, 2011

L + C Wedding

I had really high hopes of pulling together a decent post to document my little sister's wedding.  A few weeks after the wedding came and went.  No post.  And now it's been about six weeks and...still no post.  My older sister is a much more responsible blogger than I -- her pictures are much better, too.  See her posts here and here.
That August wedding day was perfect.  Beautiful bride.  Dashing groom.  Lovely weather.  Wonderfully sweet and spiritual ceremony.  Such a fun party/reception; not to mention, the reception look incredible.  Incredible!
So here's my picture documentation of the day (totally untouched, because that would take another six weeks to pull together).  I'm learning that corralling two children and trying to take pictures are two totally separate jobs (read:  nearly impossible).

 {the new Mr. and Mrs.}




 {the cutest two-year-old boy there}
 {country, vintage decor everywhere}
 {"Mad Lib"-like advice card for guests instead of sign-in book}


 {first dance}